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Will Aps replace people?

March 8, 2012

At Tech for Good launch yesterday an Ap which speaks what bank note you hold up to the camera was demonstrated. I wasn’t there myself but my partner was and it clearly impressed.

My first reaction was that i can check a note much faster and discretely by wrapping round my middle finger, whether the note is shorter, exactly the length or longer shows the value is 5, 10 or 20. My second more thought out reaction was how excellent it is that people are developing Aps seemingly so easily these days that turn the iphone into a disability cancelling tool.

I’m now thinking about the effect that these developments might be having on decision makers especially government who want to cut benefit payments to disabled people, who claim these benefits precisely to pay for an assistant to help with daily life issues that these Aps apparently may now cover.

However As an iphone and contract costs a fair amount per month i wonder If it is set to replace support workers in the near future…


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