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Ha and there’s me thinking the government cares…

January 17, 2013

Hello reader yes and before you laugh and say how naïve this sounds let me just say that the bit of government I’m commenting on here is supposed to be getting people back to work!

Yesterday I came out of a high level meeting with my ears ringing with the mantra “our computer system is automated”.

This automated client handling system will get used by virtually everybody in the entire population at one time or another, and it is currently unable to serve anyone who cannot read the ordinary sized print that it spews out on grey recycled paper!

This might have been ok if everybody can read printed communications, but hundreds of thousands cannot.

They just kept saying that it was the system, every time I pursued a point we circled back to it not being possible because of the system, the system, the system….

All my attempts to charm and persuade the civil servants to acknowledge that any “system” is built by people, i.e. them, unfortunately failed (it doesn’t build itself as that’s what led to the problems in the Terminator films)…

Nor did any of my attempts to get them to agree that a system built for use by the general public should cater for the most common communications variants known to exist within that general public.

It seems to me that they have a policy that if you cannot read the standard document their system spews out, then you aren’t a person. Is this 2013 or 1984?

If you’re interested to know what you are if you’re not a person, well you’re a “reasonable adjustment”.

Thanks for reading this Person,
Yours faithfully
Reasonable Adjustment 12436706


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