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BBC iPlayer – harmony – at last!!

March 13, 2014

Last night for some reason the new version of BBC iPlayer suddenly appeared on the Apps screen on my Nexus7. The device secretly updates itself all the time so i wasn’t that surprised.

Did i tap the icon with a sense of a world of wonderful BBC radio about to grace my ears? No, because Up until now even the mention of these Apps raised my blood pressure into the red and i avoided tapping them for my own sanity and i’m not joking.

Anyway, 6 months of non-BBC interaction via my Nexus7 gave way to a momentary impulse to tap the icon and just see if anything had improved…

Aha! Can i believe it??? I’ve got to believe it! Two minutes later and i was listening to Costing the Earth on listen again and i actually felt like i had positively interacted with the controls, as simulated into my head a mental map of the entire visual layout and got enough positive reinforcement from my finger movement and hitting the objects i expected to hit, that finally a wonderful harmony rang out between my mental map and the device and the BBC iPlayer.

Harmony – it’s the user experience that tells me the interface is working – now i want more!


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