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hey i’ve just been sent an “innovation alert” fancy that?

June 12, 2015

Interestingly I just got an “innovation alert” emailed to me from HP, the printer company, and like usual I don’t have time to watch (in my case listen) to the video, it’s probably not accessibly text described anyway, but I started to imagine what the alert might contain…

Video imagery starts with rapid fire shots of conventional laser jet printers spewing out laser sharp print outs, but then images slow down, focusing on lots of people’s hands, touching, shaping, building things, building lovely things, building amazing things…

Soundtrack is of a low toned and tensely confident American sounding woman saying- “At HP we are bored of trying to exceed the ever finer and finer detail and ever richer and richer colours that everyone else in the printing industry focuses on.

To be honest, printed imagery could be made even sharper and more colourful, but is this really what people want?

We are also pretty bored of two dimensional images and with fleecing people with the cost of expensive and polluting inks and toners, so we’ve decided to leap into a new world.

We’ve decided the thing that makes human beings so special is our amazing sense of touch, of physical interaction with the world and with the idea of turning ideas in our heads into real touchable objects. Yes yes that is just 3D printing, nothing new in that, yes it’s cool but no it’s not enough for an innovation alert…

So what is enough for an innovation alert? What is big enough for an HP innovation alert? Well, here it is: our new range of 3D printers aren’t printers at all, they are beautiful wireless robots, the most dexterous sculptors you can ever meet, download your design, touch go on Robo-angelo, sit back and watch while the new generation of sculptors create your design, on concrete, on wood, on plastic, on food, on anything, what you can imagine Robo-Angelo can shape up for you to touch…”

Ar I’ve just spent longer writing this than if I’d watched the video. I wonder if the video does actually say this….!


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